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On Thursday 29th I came looking to buy some aluminum foil and could not find any so I asked an employee if they had any. This employee told me she was very busy and to ask someone else.

I told her that I wanted to speak to the manager and she said she was the manager. I told her she was being rude and unprofessional and that I would be making a complaint with her superiors. She shrugged her shoulders and walked away as if she didn't care.

The manager is Katherine at Dasio Japan 550 Showers Dr. Mountain View

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Hallelujah! :grin Katherine is gone.

Now us customers can shop here again.

Thank you Dasio!!!!!!!! :)


I am so glad to see Dasio has removed this lady. Shopping at this store again has been wonderful and I hope it stays like that.

Hats off to Dasio for thinking of its customers. :)


Great News Dasio Shoppers! Katherine is no longer working at Dasio Mountain View the evil has been cast out.

I pity the next company that hires this evil woman, God help them. :grin


Who is this Atsuko Yamamoto person? She doesn’t what the *** she’s talking about I got in to a shouting match with this Katherine woman one time because she started yelling at my mother and would not give me the managers name or phone number.

We do not shop at Daiso anymore.

I am glad to hear people speaking out about this woman I do not know why they keep her. OPEN YOUR EYES DAISO!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey, Atsuko Yamamoto learn how to read English! I have been shopping at Daiso for years from Cupertino to Mountain View I am a real person, a real customer and not an employee.

Before you start defending Katherine you should get your facts right and understand that these reviews are from customers. Your attempt to undermine the complaints by angry customers and condone the behavior of Katherine has failed. I have been on the receiving end of Katherine’s rudeness and yelling when she was at Cupertino and it is a shame that her bad customer service has now contaminated the Mountain View store.

You are probably another one of those rude employees at Cupertino who follows the example of Katherine because there are a few rude employees still at that store. :(


Last Sunday I asked Katherine who was the cashier to look for a item to order and she yelled at me saying the computer were down. I went and asked another employee to check and she said the computers were not down and she and another cashier looked up my order.

I heard one of the cashiers asking Katherine why did she not help this customer and why did she tell this customer the computers were down. All I can say is that Katherine is a very rude and unprofessional employee.

Thanks to the other employees who helped me you know who you are. Thanks Again.


Most of the employees are nice but this person is unfriendly. :sigh


The kitchen area is unsafe for customers. This section is a mess with products everywhere on the floor.

Most of the store is clean but this area needs to be picked up.

I mentioned this to an employee that was working in this area and she told me to go around the boxes. I told her that this is unsafe and she ignored me and walked away.


customer service no good no good


Now She is here? She was at the Cupertino Store before.

This sucks!!!!!!! :(


She has a very bad attitude I had an encounter with her a week ago. :cry


She is new I have been shopping here for some time and never seen her till recently. She always looks mad.


Yeh! this lady is mean and always mad.

Bad customer service!!!!!!! :?

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